Russia wants to quickly return manned flights to the ISS


Moscow (AP) – After the collapse of the launch of a Soyuz rocket, Russia and the United States have again ruled the flights to the International Space Station ISS Send.

"We will try, if possible, to prefer the start of the next crew," said Sergei Krikaljov of the Russian space agency Roskosmos on Friday Moscow, The US authority NASA wants to continue to transport its astronauts with Russian technology in space. "I have a lot of confidence in the system, it has proven to be tough and very safe for years," NASA boss Jim Bridenstine said.

On Thursday the false departure of a Soyuz rocket arrived in the Russian spaceport Baikonur. Russia then the crewed launches were suspended until the cause of the accident was clarified. There are currently three space travelers on the ISS: the German commander Alexander Gerst, the US astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor and the cosmonaut Sergei Prokopjew. When the crew should be strengthened it is not yet clear.

In the search for the cause of the accident, according to Roscosmos, the results can be expected by October 20th. Even the failure of a rocket affects Gersts The mission is also open. Bridenstine did not expect until now that the planned return flight was postponed to December. But there will not be a detailed plan until the investigations have been completed, he said. Roskosmos, however, did not provide exact dates for the return flight.

The incident will not affect the cooperation between NASA and Roskosmos, said Bridenstine. "We create much more together in space. We could never do it alone, "he said." I believe 100% that political conflicts are not tied to space. "

As the trigger of the accident, Krikaljow suspected one of the four booster tanks, which are attached to the lowest level of the rocket and detonated after burning the white. The booster collided with the second lowest level, he told the Interfax agency. According to media reports, the accident occurred at an altitude of 47 kilometers.

Astronauts Alexey Ovtschinin and Nick Hague survived an emergency landing in their "Soyuz-MS10" capsule. The two men had remained calm during the emergency landing and acted prudently, said the head of NASA Bridenstine. Both astronauts should return to the ISS in the spring of 2019, underlining his Russian colleague Dmitri Rogosin. "The guys will certainly fly", he tweeted. Ovchinin and Hague returned on Friday from Baikonur to the Russian Space Center in the stellar city near Moscow. According to Bridenstine, Aia absolutely wants to go back to the ISS.

Meanwhile, research teams have found all parts of the missile crashed in the Kazakh steppe. The rubble would not hurt anyone, said a Kazakh civil defense representative. The site is located 40 kilometers from the city of Dscheskasgan.

A next manned launch could take place at the end of November, as reported by Interfax. This could start the next team a month earlier than planned for the ISS. According to NASA, the replacement crew is the Russian Oleg Kononenko, the Canadian David Saint-Jacques and the American Anne McClain.

According to Krikaljow, the ISS can theoretically fly around the Earth without a crew. Roskosmos, but will prevent with all their strength, that comes to that. "The station is designed for manned flights," stressed the former cosmonaut.

According to the Esa space agency, there are delays in ISS experiments due to the false start. "It falls into the planned period definitely experiences," said the head of ESA Jan Wörner, the German news agency. It assumes, however, that attempts can be made later. How many experiments are involved is not yet secure.



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