Russia with strong provocation – simulates missile attacks on Estonia

A spokesman for the Estonian Ministry of Defense, Kusti Salm, said den finske tabloiden Iltalehti that Russia has conducted exercises against Estonia.

Avisa writes on Tuesday that Russia, according to NATO sources, has simulated several missile attacks against Estonia and other Baltic countries in recent days.

– Has committed several border violations

In addition to the simulated missile attacks, the Russian military is said to have violated Baltic territory with helicopter flights. The helicopters must have been equipped with weapons, according to Salm.

– Russian helicopters have committed several border violations. It has not been about ships 50 km off the coast or from planes, but from helicopters. The helicopter does not accidentally fly over the border. There have been several cases in recent days, says Salm to Illtalehti.

Avisa writes that the helicopters, according to NATO sources, have trained on attacks.

– The helicopters have also flown very close to the border in addition to having committed border violations, says Salm.

Takes the situation seriously

Salm says the Estonian Ministry of Defense takes the situation seriously.

– The Russians think that we do not deserve our independence. Their recent operations and strategic communications support this conclusion, says Salm.

He emphasizes that it is still safe to stay in Estonia.

– It is NATO’s job to guarantee it to every citizen.

NATO will make concrete decisions to strengthen the Baltic defense during their summit in Madrid next week.

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