Russian money to foreign parties, Meloni: “Former US ambassador sued”

“There is a title this morning concerning Brothers of Italy, the title of La Repubblica, which alludes to things that are not in the interview. Since it is all verifiable what our sources of funding are, it does not seem like a good a way of doing journalism or acting as an ambassador, making accusations and saying that there is no evidence “. The president of the Brothers of Italy says this on Radio 24 Giorgia Melonicommenting on La Repubblica’s interview with former US ambassador Volker.

“Either they provide us with evidence, or we will have to sue them for defamation – says Meloni -. When you declare something by saying you have no evidence, you take responsibility. They bring us the evidence. But since I know that there is no evidence because Fratelli d’Italia does not take money from foreigners, I believe that the lawsuit is inevitable “.

“Obviously it is important to know, it is important to know if the choices that some make are convinced or if they are suggested by someone”, continues Meloni.

“I believe that the EU has already made some examples in recent months, and particularly in other nations. It seems to me that Italy is rarely mentioned. We know how Russia has tried in recent years to increase its sphere of economic and political influence. , and to bring observers closer “.

Should the League turn out? “The League will not appear, we have been hearing it for months, but there is nothing concrete”, Meloni replies. “We do a lot of debates about things that don’t exist”, the comment on Radio 24.

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