“Russian tanks have no chance,” Ukrainian military expert reveals what duels between Western and Russian tanks will be like

To confirm that British tanks are already in Ukraine, Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov has already tested one of the British tanks “Challenger 2” in one of the country’s landfills. Although it is stated that Western tanks are heavier than Russian tanks, their technological advantages allow them to be easily controlled and maneuverable.

According to Musienko, one should not think that the tanks of Western countries will be used only for offensive operations. “They will also be used for fire support of mechanized infantry units in difficult sectors of the front, for example, in Bakhmut, Avdiyevka, Vuhledar,” Musienko said in an interview.

Musienko drew attention to the fact that even before Western tank deliveries, Ukraine was able to significantly reduce the number of Russian armored vehicles. Considering the losses, Russia is already sending its old T-54 tanks to Ukraine.

“If we talk about tank duels, for example, if from the Ukrainian side the tanks will be Challenger 2 or Leopard, and from the Russian side they will be T-54, then the Russian tanks have no chance, even if they have a numerical advantage. This is obviously,” emphasized Musienko.

“Ukrainian tankers with modernized T-64 managed to successfully fight Russian armored vehicles. Imagine what will happen when “Challenger 2” or “Leopard 2” or “Abrams” appear on the battlefield, the military expert explains the situation, “Russian tanks will not stand a chance.”

Musienko also commented on Zaluzhny’s statement that Ukraine needs up to 300 tanks. According to him, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine mentioned such a number in the context of the liberation of the occupied territories. Acquiring this equipment is a matter of time, according to a military expert.

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