Russian tanks train at the border with Ukraine. Sanctions are ready, the US reports

“The final package will depend on the scenario we face,” a CNN source said. “But we are no longer at a stage where we only have a memorandum outlining options. We have concrete measures that we are willing to delete, “the source added, hoping that the US government would finally be able to negotiate with the Russian side.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in response that possible US sanctions on Russia would amount to a break in relations between the countries. “In particular, imposing sanctions on President Vladimir Putin is a blatant measure,” Peskov said.

The United States is also reportedly ready to respond to Putin’s decision to avenge economic sanctions by restricting Russian gas exports to Europe. One of the leaders said that if Putin took this path, “it would strengthen Europe’s determination to find supplies elsewhere.”

Sources aware of the sanctions negotiations said that such measures would include a change of fuel in which certain energy sources are replaced by others, as well as increased imports of liquefied natural gas from Norway, the Netherlands, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

The European institutions are finding out how much reserve their bins would provide in the event of a stop sign from Russia. However, this step would be a double-edged sword for Moscow, because the Russian economy is largely dependent on gas export revenues.

Regarding the efforts of some Republican members of Congress, especially Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, to impose sanctions on the Russian-German Nord Stream 2 pipeline to essentially thwart the project, senior officials said they believed that if the West did so, there would be a reduction in leverage. which he has in Russia.

A Russian tank unit exercise took place in the Rostov region bordering Ukraine on Wednesday. At the same time, representatives of Russia and NATO met in Brussels to discuss security.

For several months now, Russia has been gathering troops at the border with Ukraine and pushing the West to make a legal commitment not to accept Ukraine as a member of NATO.

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