Russian troops ‘falling down’ in Ukraine, Putin on the brink?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Russia is claimed to continue to be hit hard in the war in Ukraine. That’s based on the Pentagon’s new estimates of the growing number of casualties from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Army.

As the fighting escalates, the number of wounded and dead is likely to continue to rise. The news comes as Russian troops struggle to defend themselves against a Ukrainian counterattack in the country’s south.

US Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl spoke of the intense fighting in southern and eastern Ukraine. He said Ukraine’s morale and will to fight was unquestionable.



“I will say this, firstly that Ukraine’s morale and desire to fight is much higher than the average morale and desire to fight on the Russian side. I think that gives Ukraine a significant advantage,” he said. ExpressWednesday (10/8/2022).

“I think Russia has probably killed 70,000-80,000 people in less than 6 months. That’s the combined number of dead and injured,” he added.

Meanwhile, that figure means that nearly 10% of Russia’s 850,000 active military personnel at the start of the war have been killed or injured in Ukraine.

Analyst and former British Army Officer Nicholas Drummond says that as causality escalates, it can become too much for the Russian people to bear.

“This figure is shocking. People say Putin doesn’t care and will deploy as many troops as necessary to achieve his goals,” he said.

“By comparison, Britain lost 450 dead in Afghanistan over 10 years. That’s too much for us. 80 thousand would be too much for Russia.”

Polls have shown that the popularity of Putin and his war in Ukraine remains high in Russia, however, with increasing causality, it may become difficult for the Kremlin to sell the war as a success.

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The news comes as Russia is reported to have moved nearly a third of its troops from the east of the country to the south near Kherson to defend against a Ukrainian counterattack there.

Russia is expected to move a large number of tactical battalion groups (BTGs) from Donbas to fight near Kherson, according to the British Ministry of Defense (MoD).

Each Russian BTG usually holds more than 800 men, but many of these units may not be fighting at full force.

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