Russian trucks for military purposes were detained at the Lithuanian border

In April, Lithuanian customs officers detained a specimen transported from Belarus at the Raigardas road post. destination truck URAL-375AM. After the Vilnius Territorial Customs initiated an investigation into the transportation of this cargo, the specialists of the Movement Control Center of the Ministry of National Defense confirmed that this vehicle is included in the list of controlled goods and a license is required for its transportation.

The company transporting the goods did not present this document to the customs officials during the inspection.

And this is not the first attempt of this company to bring controlled goods to Lithuania without the necessary documents – in March, taking advantage of the failure of customs information systems, it imported two mobile power stations on the ZIL platform of the vehicle.

In addition, on April 26. At Raigardas road post, customs officers detained another similar cargo – without a transit license, it was intended to transport a truck KAMAZ-43101, which is classified as military equipment, through Lithuania.

The Lithuanian Customs, taking into account the increasing violations of the import, export from Lithuania or transit through the country of strategic goods, recalls the requirements for the transportation of such goods. Violation of such goods may result in seizure.

Strategic goods are goods, software or technologies that can be used for both civilian and military purposes. They are classified as controlled goods, as are chemical and biological substances that can be used in the production of chemical weapons and chemical bacteriological weapons of mass destruction. The transportation of all these goods must be obtained in the appropriate form of licenses issued by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

Violations of the control regime of strategic goods – transportation across the state border of the Republic of Lithuania without presenting them for customs control or otherwise avoiding such control or transportation without a license, ie smuggling – are subject to both administrative and criminal liability, the Lithuanian Customs Communication Division announced on Monday.

Lithuania has set stricter control requirements for military equipment than other EU countries.

Lithuania has set stricter requirements for the control of military equipment than other EU countries – not only military equipment export, import and transit licenses are required, Lithuania has included in the lists of military equipment some objects that are not controlled by other countries.

Strategic goods may be subject to prior or ongoing control. Prior control is carried out through the issuance of licenses, the purpose of which is to determine whether the goods will be legally disposed of and protected by the end user, taking into account the purpose of use, compliance with prohibitions, restrictions and requirements for goods.

Ongoing inspections are carried out to ensure that the goods (type, shape, quantity, origin and end-use) comply with the documents and documents presented to the customs authorities, and that the holder of the goods is aware of their characteristics, risks and specific measures to deal with possible accidents.

Under constant surveillance, the activities relating to the goods may be suspended until the inspection has been completed, provided that such suspension does not endanger human health, life, the environment or accident, or cause unreasonable material and financial loss.

Customs controls on such goods, like controls on all goods, are carried out in the normal way. If the customs official performing the inspection of the goods suspects that the transported goods are strategic and a license in the appropriate form must be presented for its transportation, the customs clearance shall be suspended and the Customs Department shall be informed.

The Lithuanian Customs is the main institution that controls the movement of these goods across the Lithuanian borders and ensures that the export of strategic goods is fully controlled.


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