Russia’s offensive towards Avdiivka threatens to become another "meat mincer"

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The Russian offensive to take the eastern city of Avdiivka threatens to become another “meat grinder” or a second Bajmut for the losses in soldiers and military equipment that Russia assumes to conquer it, and even reminds some of battles on the Eastern Front during World War II.

“What is happening around Avdivka can be compared to a series of events that occurred during the Second World War on the Eastern Front or let’s say with such a well-known event as the Battle of Rzhev,” said military historian Vasyl Pavlov on the Ukrainian television channel Espresso.

He noted that for almost 14 months in 1942 and 1943 Soviet troops attacked a “small area” in waves and with enormous losses to prevent the advance of Nazi Germany towards Moscow, located about 230 kilometers to the east, in what is known as the “Rzhev meat grinder”.

“We can see the same thing now near Avdiivka: waves of destroyed infantry and equipment, and this is very reminiscent of the events of World War II,” he said.

Advisor to the Office of the President of Ukraine Mijailo Podoliak He stated on the Dozhd television channel that Russia lost between 5,000 and 6,000 soldiers in just over a week of offensive in Avdiivka.

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