Rutte wants to let go of rules sooner: ‘You can’t have a society like that, you want to see each other’ | Inland

Rutte spoke with former VVD campaign leader Frits Huffnagel, among others. He asked about the fairground industry, for example, which said that it could limit the number of infections at fairgrounds with protocols. According to Rutte, many sectors have their protocols in order. But “any movement poses a risk of spreading the virus. Yes, you cannot have a society like that, because we have to move and you want to see each other. That is also impossible. ”

Now the corona figures seem to be going in the wrong direction again, Rutte sees. “At the same time, you also feel with society as a whole: you don’t want to continue like that. So you also have to look again: what is possible. ” According to the roadmap, based on the advice of the experts to whom Rutte refers, events may only really be organized at the ‘worrying’ level, with fewer than ten IC admissions per day. At that level, the restaurants may only open to guests.

“Right now, with 100,000 people infected, with 550 people in intensive care today with a reproduction rate set to one and on the rise again, you have to do it carefully. Is nothing possible then? No, because then you also go crazy. ”

On Tuesday evening, Rutte and Corona Minister Hugo de Jonge announce a number of relaxation during their press conference. For example, hairdressers and beauticians are allowed to open their doors again, and secondary school students and MBO students are allowed to go back to school.

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