Ryan Reynolds new trolled to perfection by Hugh Jackman

We have known this for several years now, the feud between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman (humorous quarrel, of course) never seems to end. Today, Hugh Jackman just put it on, with a Twitter post that makes Internet users laugh a lot.

A new twist in the Ryan Reynolds feud – Hugh Jackman

The hilarious quarrel between Ryan Reynolds and Huch Jackman would have started in 2009, and the cause would have been, at the time, Scarlett Johansson. Since then, the two men have not stopped sneaking each other out. One of the most significant moments of this quarrel was certainly the Christmas party 2018, during which Ryan Reynolds was the only one wearing a hideous Christmas sweater. It was a joke by Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, and the photograph of the three men quickly went viral, so much Ryan Reynolds seemed annoyed.

Today, Hugh Jackman didn’t do the hideous Christmas sweater trick on his friend, but he did use thenext exit from film Free Guy to spike in the direction of Reynolds. Free Guy is a movie in which Reynolds will play the role of a false loser who works as a bank clerk, and who realizes that he is in fact the secondary character of a video game. The hero in the making will therefore try to change his condition to become master of his destiny. If the film in question interests you, you can find its trailer at the beginning of the article.

Hugh Jackman, knowing how much the project “Free Guy“is dear to Ryan Reynolds, just posted a photo of him on Twitter, in company … From the director of the film Free Guy himself.

What’s that @ShawnLevyDirect? You forgot to invite @VancityReynolds to your party? Mate, your secret is safe with me. And … post. pic.twitter.com/p0lXjjygdz

July 27, 2021

As you can read, the legend of the photograph speaks for itself :

What the hell is this @ShawnLevyDirect? Forgot to invite @VancityReynolds to your party? Dude, your secret is safe with me. And … Posted.

It remains to be seen how to reply Ryan Reynolds. This small media quarrel has in any case the merit of entertaining the fans, while waiting the exit of Free Guy, which will be screened in theaters from August 11, 2021.

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