Ryan Reynolds shares the first adorable photo of his third Blake Lively baby girl


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Ryan Reynolds shared his baby's first photo on Twitter on Wednesday.

Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively, who managed to keep their third child's birth secret for two months, tend to keep their children out of the spotlight.

However, the Canadian actor released the lovely shot of himself with Lively and the newborn on social media as he spoke to his followers about the Canadian elections.

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He also revealed the baby's sex.

Reynolds, who made sure to cover his child's face with a smiley face, wrote: "I love BC I want my daughters to live in the same natural playground where I grew up. On October 21st, the candidate for whom you will vote WILL PROVIDE CLIMATE POLICY.

"I am proud of the climatic progress made over the last 4 years. Click on http://Elections.ca for voting information. #Capilano"

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Reynolds and Lively are also parents of the daughters James, 4 and Inez, 3.

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