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Ryanair seems to have raised taxes on hand baggage. Price increases come after the Irish airline introduced strict rules in November 2018. Under the new policy, only a small handbag or laptop bag will be allowed on board. Must measure no more than 40 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm to be admitted in the cabin for free. Previously, passengers who wanted to carry more luggage had to pay £ 6 more to benefit from priority boarding, which could carry both a small bag and a larger bag for the locker above the head.

Ryanair travelers could also pay to take a suitcase on board measuring no more than 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. He could not hold more than 10 kg and would be left at the airport desk.

Previously this check-in baggage costs £ 8 during booking or £ 10 after booking.

However, passengers who book now will find, after going through the flight selection procedure, that priority boarding has increased from £ 2 to £ 8.

Meanwhile, the extra 10 kg suitcase now costs £ 10 when booking.

These new sums can only be viewed after selecting flights. Ryanair's cockpit policy page continues to show prices for "From £ 6" for priority and "From £ 8" for the 10 kg bag.

There were no official announcements regarding these higher taxes. Express.co.uk contacted Ryanair for a comment on the price increase, but at the time of writing there was no response.

Increased expenses are likely to cause further nuisance among passengers. Following the introduction of the new rules in November, social media were inundated with complaints about airport queues.

Many Ryanair passengers uploaded photos of the long queues that they were living at the airport.

One passenger tweeted: "Ryanair how you can advertise as a priority boarding when more than half of the plane has the so-called" priority "?

Another wrote: "As expected, Ryanair's new policy is that you have to purchase Priority to get your small bag in the cabin = all of them reserve Priority."

"Expect this to become the new" normal "and something else to remove for further purchase Successful but inexorably irritating business plan."

Some have said they would like to get their money back because paying by priority means very little.

"I have paid priority boarding but it seems that it is not the priority, how can I get my money back?" He tweeted a person, along with a picture of people in the queue.

The airline has warned that passengers carrying a small bag at the gate that is too big to fit under the front seat will be charged for £ 25.

The same is true if travelers try to bring a second unpaid bag to the gate.

Ryanair has previously insisted that the new changes should improve timekeeping rather than earn more.

The airline intends to simplify the process by eliminating the need to carry the luggage in the cabin to the passengers at the departure gate and check them in the hold.

Ryanair's Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Jacobs, said last year: "This new low-cost bag of 8 x 10 kg of low-cost spending means that the income from the verified envelopes will likely decrease as we will provide more savings to the Ryanair customers.

"Up to 50% of customers will continue to carry two free carry-ons while traveling on Priority Boarding and this new policy will accelerate boarding and reduce flight delays".


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