Rym (La Villa 5) pregnant with Vincent Queijo, she reveals her baby bump

It’s been official for a few weeks now, Rym and Vincent Queijo will soon have a baby after their love at first sight in La Villa des Cœurs brisés 5! If the pregnancy of the young woman rather badly started, with many unwanted symptoms, the hardest seems today behind her, and her belly is visibly rounded! A few hours ago, the reality TV candidate also took advantage of a product placement to reveal her pretty nascent baby bump. And the least we can say is that at more than three months pregnant, the future mother always displays a perfect figure.

So cute !

Obviously very proud of her new body, Rym no longer hesitates to reveal his forms on social networks. A situation that delights his many followers, delighted to share this great stage in their lives. If many internet users already think that Rym and Vincent are preparing to give birth to a baby girl thanks to these few clues, it will probably be necessary to wait a little longer before the couple decides to officially announce the sex of their baby . In the meantime, we can also follow the pregnancy of Manon Marsault, who will give birth to a little girl named Angelina in a few months.


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