S. Sttorpirštis openly: about the birth of his second son, family traditions and two Indres Names

He and his wife Indre became parents for the second time in October last year, and the couple had their second son.

“Indre said – one hundred percent will be a girl, I feel. Who am I to argue with a feminine flair? Maybe in 4-5 months we went for an ultrasound and the doctor says so calmly: boy, look, the evidence is in disguise. It was even hard to believe because I was already convinced to the contrary. When we picked the name, there were several options we liked. But when she was born, we realized that Vincent was just that.

The more people you meet in your life, the better the chances are that your names will already be ruined. I’m trying to suggest something, Indre says – maybe not, there was a man with that name in our village as a child and he hurt the animals a lot. It falls. Then Indre suggests I have poor memories of a classmate. That’s how the majority fell, “the actor said with a smile about the search for the second son’s name, adding that when he became a father for the second time, he felt completely different from the first.

“It seems those banal sayings that the second child will eat from the ground will be true.” I don’t know how much peace we have as parents, but Vincent is completely different from Emil. A three-month young man with a philosophical lifestyle. Emil always made himself known, showed character from the first days, and Vincent is sometimes forgotten whether we drive a car together – so quiet. “

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Simonas Storpirštis is open – he learns from his son every day: “I learned from Vincent that you have to get up after eating, because otherwise you will be irritable. And Emil teaches patience, patience, patience. And enjoy the little things. ”

Photo album of personal album / Simon Storpirštis with his son

Despite the extremely busy schedule, the actor admits that he does not receive any reproach from his wife, and when he returns home he tries to devote all his attention and time to the family. According to him, the most important thing is a productive time with those coming. Another rule that a man follows is to turn off the work mode when you return home. Of course, he admits that it is not always possible to do so.

“When our children were born, our relationship with Indre changed. Now time for each other also needs to be put on a common agenda, otherwise it may not be available very quickly. We will only meet the two late at night, when the children are finally asleep, “said the famous actor, who will be seen by the audience this Saturday at 7.30 pm. In the “Musical Mask” on BTV.

Fostering traditions in the family of Indrė and Simonas Storpirščiai occupies an important place: “Reading a book in the evenings is necessary. If our generation does not pass on the love of the book by its example, our generation of children will no longer recognize the paper format at all. I wish that being outside was not a punishment but a joy, and time spent with parents not just on Sundays. Family means everything to me. Here’s one of those things you won’t explain to a child without a family, children. It is a completely different love, a completely different feeling, longing, desire to care and provide. Family is the foundation for me. If the foundation sticks and I’m unstable. “

This year, actor Simonas Storpirščius will not have a job. He continues to film intensively, works in the theater and together with another Indre – his colleague Indre Kavaliauskaitė joined the helm of the leader of the 10th anniversary BTV project “Musical Mask”.

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The famous man said that it is not for nothing that many participate in this project equates to being in a family.

“The fact that nothing falls out of this project gives the feeling that the participants are not competitors, but passengers. Get on the same train and all get off at the last stop together. I often get so excited about watching and supporting them that I don’t want anything after the day of filming. ”

Photo album of personal album / Simonas Storpirštis with family

Photo album of personal album / Simonas Storpirštis with family

This year, Linas Vaitkevičius, a member of the group “Žemaitukai”, performers Eglė Jakštytė-Eley, Alen Chicco, actors Inga Norkutė, Tadas Gryn, Arnoldas Eisimantas, Eglė Ancevičiūtė, Austėja Lukaitė, visitor Oksana Pikul and the duo “Zygitė” are participating in the “Musical Mask”.

The actor Tadas Grynn, who embodied Virgis Stakėnas, became the leader of the premiere show.


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