S1 Graduates Get Closed! There Are Independent BUMN Job Vacancies Here

Jakarta – Independent Persero is opening job vacancy for S1 graduates. Registration is open until September 30, 2021.

PT Berdikari is a state-owned enterprise or BUMN that is engaged in animal husbandry and processed livestock products. This company was founded in 1966 under the name PT Pilot Project Berdikari.

Launching the berdikari-persero.co.id page, this company experienced ups and downs during its journey. Until finally, in 2016, the government decided to save the company by reforming the organization and providing policy and regulatory support.

In March 2018 PT Berdikari (Persero) started to develop a chicken business which started by importing 36 thousand GPS (Grand Parent Stock) heads. Until now, PT Berdikari (Persero) is still focused on integrated chicken farming.

The Ministry of BUMN through its official Instagram account, Saturday (25/9/2021), announced that PT Berdikari was in need of employees for the position of Fullstack Developer. This vacancy is open to S1 graduates majoring in Information Technology (IT).

Some of the basic qualifications required by the company are experience as a Web Developer and Odoo Developer. Including proficient in programming languages ​​and can develop websites.

For more details, here are the qualifications to register at: this job vacancy:

Independent BUMN Job Vacancies


1. Minimum education S1 IT
2. Experienced as a Web Developer and Odoo Developer
3. Mastering the programming language PHP, Java Script, HTML, Python, Bootstrap and Odoo Framework
4. Experienced in developing PHP-based websites, proficient in using and developing wordpress and prestashop CMS, API creation and Odoo Development

Well, later the best candidate will be called by the company to proceed to the next stage. Announcement of each stage will only be announced via email [email protected]

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For detikers who are interested in joining BUMN Berdikari, registration can be done through the https://bit.ly/RekrutmentBDK2 page. This registration is free of charge.

For other job vacancies, see HERE yes detikters!

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