Sabonis’ Pacers rejoiced in the victory of the Lithuanians who played in their teams most effectively

The hosts, who had a 20-point lead in the first half of the match, only allowed the opponents to come close in the fourth half. At the beginning, when the reserve basketball players of both teams entered the field, the team scored as much as 32 points on the scoreboard.

For the seventh time in a mutual duel in the NBA League Jonas Valančiūnas and Domantas Sabonis due to the early decision of the match, he played only three halves on the court, but during them he managed to become the most productive player of his teams.

Sabonis, who triumphed in the high-profile confrontations of the Lithuanian national team for the fifth time, recorded the 12th double of the season in just 22 minutes spent in the square. The tall man, who had a very creative pass in the second quarter, scored a total of 20 points (4/8 doubles, 2/3 throws, 6/8 penalties), 10 rebounds and 6 assists and took over the ball twice, made a mistake and fouled.

After reducing the gap from 20 to 14 points in the middle of the third half, Sabonis returned the initiative to the Pacers team by hitting the three-point with the siren of the time for the attack through Valančiūnas’ hands raised high.

The Utena player, who marked the double doubling of the season in the 23rd minute of the game, scored 19 points (7/14 doubles, 1/1 trit., 2/2 penalties), 13 rebounds, 2 assists and a block. During the time spent in the square, the tall man made a mistake and committed an offense 3 times.

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The JV, which is the fastest to score three points in the entire NBA league this season, has already hit 22 out of 39 (56%) throws with Pelicans. Last season, the midfielder had a total of 21 accurate long-distance hits in 62 games played.

After three matches played and lost in the field, the Pacers returned to Indianapolis for the fourth time in a row in their arena. The new coach Ricko CarlisleThe team has never won at least three games in a row at home last season.

New Orleans basketball players celebrated victory in this year’s championships in just one of ten out-of-play matches. Having never recorded a two-win victory in a series of Pelicans, they lost eight times in eighteen games.

Sabonis' Pacers rejoiced in the victory of the Lithuanians who played in their teams most effectively

„Pacers“: Domantas Sabonis 20 (10 p.m., 6 res.), Justinas Holiday 17 (4/7 trit.), Malcolm Brogdon 16 (4/6 trit.), Kelan Martin 12, Myles Turner 11 points (9 p.m.) . kam., 2 blk.).

„Pelicans“: Jonas Valančiūnas 19 (repr. 13), Naji Marshall 14, Brandonas Ingramas (3/12 dvit.) And Kira Lewis 12 points each.

The next match for the Pacers will be the night Monday through Tuesday, when Indianapolis basketball players will be waiting for a trip to the Chicago Bulls Fortress. That same night, the Pelicans will host Minnesota’s Timberwolves in New Orleans.

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