Sadistically, Henry the Butcher, Sukoharjo: Bloodstained Hands Kill One Family, Still Have Time to Drink

Report from Journalist, Ryantono Puji Santoso


A family murder tragedy in Baki Sukoharjo, leaving a number of facts that show how sadistic a human being named Henry Taryatmo (41) is.

From the reconstruction that was held on Thursday (27/8/2020), the police revealed that the perpetrator did not look sorry after the murder of a family of Suranto at Dukuh Slemben RT 01 RW 5, Duwet Village, Baki, Sukoharjo.

Kasatreskrim Sukoharjo Police, AKP Nanung Nugroho said, from our observations the perpetrator did not show any remorse for his actions.

“He did not look sorry after he did what he did,” explained Nanung, Thursday (27/8/2020).

Nanung also said the perpetrator had the intention one hour before committing the murder.

He was playing games in the victim’s living room and thinking about debts and debt repayments due.

“If we observe that the perpetrator has an intention, it can be seen from him that he took a sharp kitchen knife at the perpetrator’s house,” said AKP Nanung.

Revealed, Intentions to Kill 1 Family in Tray Appear when the Perpetrator is Playing a Game and Remembers of His Debt

The legs of the perpetrator of the murder of a family in the trays are shot, the police call the suspect not cooperative

The suspect got the idea to kill a family in Slemben Hamlet RT 01 RW 5, Duwet Village, Baki, Sukoharjo while playing a game in the living room of the victim’s house.

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