sadness on América TV for the news they gave in Rodrigo Lussich’s program SHOW El Intransigente

Anguish and shock at what is happening around two of the most important figures in «ShowMatch The Academy», the cycle of Marcelo tinelli on Channel Thirteen. It is about nothing more and nothing less than Barby Silenzi and Adrián Pallares, who are going through a very hard time, as they made known Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich on Intruders, through the screen of America TV.

«A family war. Between Barby Silenzi, her sister, the Pole in between… they are going through a very difficult time with her mother who is very ill, ”Adrián began assuring. “Everything happened on the birthday and baptism of their little daughter, which was suspended due to the death of the Polaco’s father,” the Uruguayan said in front of the cameras.

«Then it was decided to make this celebration delayed at the moment when Barby’s mother is very bad. This made his sister very angry. A pike appears between sisters and not share the celebration, “he added. Rodrigo Lussich. It was at that moment, when Marcela Baños began to read the strong messages that Florencia, the sister of the renowned dancer, sent her.

“I didn’t know about the baptism, neither did my family. I felt bad because they didn’t tell me. It bothers me that they have continued with the party knowing that mother is dying in intensive care, she has no chance of improving, “she said, shaking the entire study. “How awful. Very strong “, shocked Adrián Pallares, while his partner continued reading the messages.

«The Friday before the celebration, it was already very complicated. There they intubated her. He has had Alzheimer’s for 6 years. He is very serious, “Florence pointed out once more. “Sure, poor girl, she’s very hurt,” added the driver. «When the Polaco’s father passed away, they did suspend the party, now zero respect. I told my opinion to Barby, but she did not respond “, sentenced the very sad woman with that situation.

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