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A native Dutchman developed the news after being the victim of a theft himself.

What to do with your cell phone, wallet and bunch of keys while you’re splashing in the water? This summer, many beach holidaymakers are also asking themselves how valuables can be safely stored by the sea and in the outdoor pool. Hide in the shoes? under the towel? All not really safe places, says Marinus Bouwman.

The native Dutchman became a victim of beach thieves himself – and declared war on the thieves. The innovator based in Leoben and his company “GerdBox” have now brought out the “Guardmine”, the first smart, mobile safe.

Three versions from 249 euros

“The Guardmine is a portable, code-locked security and surveillance solution. The slightest unauthorized touch triggers a loud warning signal, putting any thief to flight,” explains Bouwman. Should a criminal nevertheless take the safe with him, he can be tracked using GPS. The basic version costs 249 euros, the Guardmine Music, which can be used as a speaker, costs 299 euros. The Pro version for 349 euros also includes a power bank for charging devices and a camera. In case of theft, images are automatically uploaded to a cloud.

Chip shortage delayed start

Due to the global shortage of microchips, the entrepreneur could not launch his mobile safe for Christmas 2021 as planned. “It’s still difficult to get the parts, but now we have enough chips for the first 1500 Guardmines,” said Bouwman. On the Online shop Private customers come to the GerdBox, but in Austria and Germany they also want to work with mobile phone providers and coordinate sales.

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