Safe! This NIK KTP Can Pass Pre-Employment Card Wave 23 at, Get Rp2.55 Million If Open

DIY NEWS – Safe, NIK KTP this can get away Pre-Employment Card Wave 23. For list online get IDR 2.55 million, just login to the dashboard

As is known if get away list online with login dashboard, registrants will get IDR 2.55 million as an incentive from the Government.

As for the details of the incentives Pre-Employment Card Wave 23 in, which is Rp600 thousand per month which is given for 4 months, as well as survey incentives of Rp150 thousand.

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list online Pre-Employment Card Wave 23 in itself opened in 2022. Batch 22 is the last batch of this program in 2021.

With a budget of Rp 1.1 trillion, that means the quota Pre-Employment Card in 2022 it will not be much different from the program quota in 2021, which is around 2 million participants.

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