Safety pin! This is the well-known man with whom Chiquis Rivera flirts in public, and Lorenzo?

MEXICO.- The singer Chiquis Rivera, has recently received the honor of being nominated for a Latin Grammy Award. As many know, the artist has gone through a difficult time in her personal life, separating from her former husband, the benchmark of ranchera music Lorenzo Mendez. However, she has already been seen repeatedly with Jorge Cueva.

The businessman from Guadalajara is also called by the nickname ‘Mr. Tempo ‘, and is known for having set up an extensive fast food chain throughout Mexico. But the most remarkable thing about his business is that the Mexican started well from the bottom, like a dishwasher. The 140 branches of ‘Tempo’ in the country are proof of its success, and it is there that it first met with the ‘Chiquis’.

According to reporters from Telemundo’s ‘Suelta la Sopa’, Chiquis with Jorge Cueva enjoying the food of the place, while crossing glances with him. The most controversial of all this, is that it happened when the artist was still with her ex-husband. None of the celebrities have yet released the truth about these rumors, but someone’s smile raised suspicions.

The cameras of the aforementioned program captured the exact moment in which the cheeks of ‘Mr. Tempo ‘turned pink, when mentioning the name of the celebrity daughter of Jenni Rivera. “No, she’s a friend. She is a very good friend, ”Cueva said when asked by the reporter. “Of course not, she’s a friend and I’ve known her for four years,” said the man dedicated to Mexican gastronomy.

Later, Jorge added that “she is a very good friend”, and that “they invited her to the opening, and that it was twice”. He then confessed that Rivera She seems beautiful to him, but she is a friend ”. The owner of the ‘Tempo’ chain explained to the press that his friend was going to ‘be the image of his company’, so they had been doing business. The most curious thing to see for several viewers was the smile that was drawn to the Mexican when talking about the Latin Grammy nominee.

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