‘Sajan Bakery’ with the magic of craftsmanship; Trailer of Aju Varghese movie

ASajan Bakery’s Trailer directed by Arun Chandu starring Ju Varghese has been released. The trailer has been released through the Facebook page of Mohanlal, Mammootty, Prithviraj and Dulquar. The movie will hit theaters on February 12.

The film is titled ‘Sajan Bakery Sins 1962’ and is scripted by director Arun Chanthu along with Aju Varghese and Sachin R Chandran. Ranjitha Menon is the heroine. Lena and Ganesh Kumar play the lead roles. Photography by Guru Prasad. Editing by Arvind Manmathan. The film is produced by Dhyan Srinivasan and Visakh Subramaniam under the banner of Fantastic Films in association with M Star Entertainment.

Also starring Lena, Grace Antony, Ranjitha Menon and Jafar Idukki. The cinematography of the film is by Guru Prasad MC. Music by Prashanth Pillai. Editing by Arvind Manmathan. Chief Associate Director Vishnu Aravind.

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