Salah beats a record and Liverpool destroyers plan to hijack the Premier League – Yalla Koura


Liverpool will face Bournemouth in the sixteenth round of the English Premier League at 2:30 in the afternoon at the Vitaliy stadium.

If Mohammed Salah comes back and heads Liverpool's attack in today's match, he will have a date with the ability to write the story that no other player has except the Stopping that can participate.

And it can be Mohammed Salah, and the Brazilian Fermino is the first player in Liverpool's history at Bournemouth in three consecutive games if he scored a goal today.

On the other hand, Liverpool is in today's match and has the best opportunity to regain first place in the Premier League if it reaches 42 points by winning, while Manchester City will play in the evening against Chelsea and losing to London could be the key. Liverpool will resume the lead.

Bournemouth, despite being in seventh place in the standings, is much less at all levels of Liverpool if we make a numerical comparison.

Liverpool managed to score the lowest Premiership goals this season after receiving six goals in 15 games, while Bournemouth received 22 goals in the same number of games.

At the offensive level, Liverpool scored 30 goals, but Bournemouth is not far behind, scoring 25 goals this season.

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