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According to the scoreboard, there was no debate on the lawn between Barça and Liverpool in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final (3-0). Except that Reds he could have left Catalonia with two goals in his wallet. This should be why Sadio Mané and Mohamed Salah do not take up their great opportunities.

Doctissimo it is formal: " Palpitations, the heart beating fast (…)and trembling legs are the main signs of anxiety.So there is no doubt that Mohamed Salah is an anxious being. It is impossible otherwise to explain the failure of the Egyptian wing five minutes from the end of the meeting. However, the crack of Liverpool is very much only when the ball falls five feet above the cages. So yes, five Barça defenders were present on the goal line. But this is not enough to explain that the current Premier League top scorer sent his shot to the post. And even if this blow was sent from the "wrong" foot of Salah, the right. A hard blow for Liverpool that could have reduced the score, two minutes after Lionel Messi's free kick. And Avi Assouly is a witness, scoring an away goal is important before returning home to host the return leg. Blaming the offensive clumsiness of Mohamed Salah alone is cruel and even deceptive. It would therefore be forgetting the opportunity totally taken up by his teammate Sadio Mané in the first period. Found in the back of the defense by Jordan Henderson, the Senegalese striker could have turned Marc-Andre ter Stegen at close range and brought Liverpool back to 1-1. It has been nothing since old Messin's half volleyball flew into the clouds of Camp Nou.

Try the legs

At the final whistle, these two missed opportunities recur in the heads of Liverpool fans. So yes, Sadio Mané was exciting during the entire meeting and can look in the mirror. Yes, Mohamed Salah performed some class gestures and came across a Marc-André ter Stegen, who definitively recovered the robotic suit left vacant by Manuel Neuer. However, when summing up the two-man match, these two "failures" are tainted. The contrast with Barcelona's offensive success is cold in the back. Opposite, the duo Luis Suárez-Lionel Messi didn't have many more opportunities. Except with the two South Americans, the ball entered the net three times. And yet, before the meeting, Mané had spoken of "experienceAccumulated during the last season of Liverpool. It is clear that this famous experience was particularly felt in the Messi and Suarez messengers, even if this last one had not yet scored any goals in this season in the Champions League before the opening of the score tonight.

The Champions League obstacle

But the lack of relative experience of Mané and Salah is not enough to explain their performances tonight. Already because, as the Senegalese wing said, the two men already have a C1 final in their legs. But above all, because the evil seems deeper. When the two arrows charge 41 Premier League goals (21 for Salah, 20 for Mané) this season, they are still stuck at 8 in the Champions League (4 each). So we go from 1.14 goals per game to 0.73 goals per game. Same thing last season when Mohamed Salah walked totally on the water with his 32 pawns in the English league. In Europe, the net shocks were already more discreet with "only" five goals scored. So yes, in the Champions League, Liverpool does not face Hudderfield and Brighton. But at the same time, this season, Lionel Messi has placed 34 times in the Liga (or 0.97 goals per game) against 12 in the Champions League (or 1.09 goals per game). That the two men are reassured, Luis Suárez goes from 0.6 goals per game in La Liga to 0.09 goals per game in C1. Except he never misses it in big events.

By Steven Oliveira

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