Salah threatens to break Didier Drogba’s record: I want to cry!


LIVERPOOLDidier drogba seemed nervous because there was one player who made him worry. Because the player can destroy all his records.

The player referred to by Drogba is Mohamed Salah, he and Salah were teammates at Chelsea in 2014. When he was still playing at Stamford Bridge, the Egyptian player did not shine too much, because Salah only scored two goals in 13 matches in all competitions.

Long before that, Drogba already knew Salah would be a great player in the future. He said the 29-year-old has a high curiosity and intelligence to develop skills.

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“He’s sad not to have contributed, but he’s always been good. When you have this kind of intelligence, it’s only a matter of time before you explode. I remember we spoke a few times when he was at Roma and he scored and then he had a moment when he didn’t score and he asked me how to deal with a situation like this. 2021).

“I shared with him a lot of examples and experiences and how it happened to me and all the strikers,” he said.

The prediction of the player from the Ivory Coast was right, Salah has now become a deadly striker in the world and is Liverpool’s mainstay. But he is not surprised to see Salah’s current form, but Drogba admits he will cry because Salah will surpass the record he has set.

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“If he continues, he will destroy all my records! I want to cry. What I saw during training, and all his team-mates will tell you, the quality is there. He just needs time on the pitch to show his talent and quality.”

“When you look at the squad we had at the time, it wasn’t easy to play, but what really bonded me with Mo was that he was very kind, he was very polite, even when he wasn’t playing.”



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