Salaries of the 13 civil servants are liquid from July 1, 2022, check out the salaries of the 13 civil servants and retirees

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The 13th salary for Civil Servants (PNS) or State Civil Apparatuses (ASN) will be disbursed soon.

The disbursement of the salaries of the 13 civil servants is planned to be carried out in stages starting July 1, 2022.

The Director of Budget Implementation at the Directorate General of Treasury (DJPb) of the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu), Tri Budhianto said the preparation process for paying the 13th salary could start this week by the Work Unit (Satker).

Then, the process of submitting a Payment Order (SPM) can already be done after the salary reconciliation process or starting June 24, 2022.

However, the payments will start on July 1, 2022.

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“In principle, the disbursement process can be done starting June 23, but payments will be made starting July 1,” said Tri.

Tri added that the process of disbursing the 13th salary was started early so that there would be no accumulation of payments to civil servants’ accounts.

According to him, the time each civil servant receives the 13th salary depends on the time the Satker chooses for its implementation.

“It is hoped that on July 1 we can pay everything, but if someone demands that after the first day, we will still pay it,” said Tri.

The disbursement of the 13th salary in the middle of the year was chosen because it coincided with the new school year.

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