Saleh Jumaa, the game maker for Al-Ahly Club, appeared in more than one shot during the training of the red team, remarkably, as he tried to convince Rene Fyler, coach of the team, to the “football repentance” of the Red Castle player, and Jumah appeared in skilled and other shots in which he dealt seriously with his teammates during the joint balls, while Junior Ajay, the Al-Ahly playmaker, appeared to have the features of seriousness and responsibility, which is known to the red fans about the Nigerian in his usual appearance as “Shail carefree”, even with scoring goals, while Al-Maran witnessed a shot of the team’s four-quarters on Maaloul, Rami Rabia, Marwan Mohsen and Amr Al-Soulia raising the slogan They raise the slogan “Ali Al Dahkaih”.

In a related context, René Fyler, the coach of Al-Ahly team, held a one-on-one session with the team’s defenders, before the implementation of a one-on-one training session in the training session that was held this evening at the Touch Stadium, and Fyler spoke with the team’s defenders, then they fought a solo session that included my plans and technical side And the coach was keen to direct some instructions during the training session, and Fyler Marran led the defenders, accompanied by David Siza, the general coach, as part of the team’s preparations to face the military production, which will be held next Friday evening in the Premier League championship.

Ramy Rabia, Al-Ahly’s defender, will return to lead the team’s defense in the face of war production scheduled for next Friday after the end of his suspension, and to compensate for the absence of Ayman Ashraf, the red team’s defender, who was suspended after receiving the third warning in the face of Enppi that was held the day before yesterday, Sunday, and Rabia is scheduled to participate Next to Mahmoud Metwally, in light of the continued absence of Yasser Ibrahim due to an ankle injury.

It was shown by the Swiss coach Rene Weiler To my family His happiness at the resumption of the general league championship, stressing that the red team overcame the obstacle of Enppi, which relies more on the defensive side, and Fyler said after the match: “We succeeded in facilitating the match for ourselves after scoring the first goal, continuing: Hamdi Fathy’s change was important and his participation was necessary,” Fyler added. He does not think about the absent players, whether Ramadan Sobhi or Hussein al-Shahat or Kahraba is suspended: I always think about the available players and I do not think about the players who are not available to me.


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