Salernitana is safe, Iervolino’s offer is accepted. Swiss fund announces exposed: we had offered more

The trustees in charge of transferring the shares of the Salernitana have accepted the offer of Danilo Iervolino, averting the nightmare of exclusion in extremis which would have been triggered if by 31 December no offers had arrived for the purchase of the club. The Neapolitan entrepreneur, founder of the Unipegaso Telematic University, is preparing to become the new owner of the grenade company. The official will arrive on Monday, at the end of the bank checks but – from what we learn – it was decided to focus on him for the future of Salernitana.

A candidacy in extremis

Iervolino’s name had popped up in the last 48 hours: during the day the businessman from Campania presented an offer with an attached 5% deposit. Proposal that was considered the most advantageous by the trustees Paolo Bertoli and Susanna Isgrò, who will now be able to take advantage of an extension of 45 days to define the bureaucratic process and complete the handover. In addition to the offer to take over the shares, Iervolino would have guaranteed important resources to strengthen the team.

It is not yet clear how many offers were received by the trustees in the last useful day. In addition to the notary from Salerno Roberto Orlando, there would also be an American fund. But, in the end, the choice fell on Iervolino. The white smoke arrived a few minutes before midnight: the trustees, in fact, averted the nightmare exclusion that would have occurred if by 31 December no offers had arrived for the purchase of the club.

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Swiss Fund presents exposed

But the turning point hides a controversy tail. A complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Salerno will be filed by the lawyer of the company PVAM sa, trustee of the Global Pacific Capital Management doo Fund, a Swiss fund with assets under management of 350 million euros, which was refused two offers for the acquisition of the club – of 38 million in bank bonds and 26 million in cash – higher than that of Danilo Iervolino. This was announced to Ansa by the Turin lawyer Francesco Paulicelli, assisted by the accountant Stefano Scarsella for company audits, who is also evaluating the filing of a precautionary appeal.


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