Sales of Wuling Air ev Electric Cars Increase in February 2023

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Electric car Wuling Air ev recorded positive wholesale sales throughout February 2023. Deliveries of this tiny electrified four-wheeled vehicle reportedly increased last month.

This information was conveyed directly through the official website of the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo). They reported that wholesale sales of Wuling Air ev Long Range type increased by 48 units compared to the previous month.

In January 2023, Wuling Air ev Long Range was able to sell 35 units wholesale. The number of sales decreased drastically compared to December 2022, which reached 2,060 units.

Meanwhile, in the second month of this year, February 2023, 83 units of this type of electric car were sent to dealers. This figure is also still not better than sales at the end of last year.

Gaikindo itself has not included Wuling Air ev wholesale sales data for the Standard Range variant last month. Even in January 2023, this model was also not listed in the data released by Gaikindo.

Apart from that, Wuling Air ev itself is reportedly included in the list of electric cars that receive incentives from the government. This is because the electric vehicle has a Domestic Component Level (TKDN) of 40 percent.

This situation causes the selling price of the Wuling Air ev electric car to be reduced. However, the government has not officially announced the amount of subsidy given. Initially, electric car incentives will be given IDR 80 million.

The exact amount of the electric car incentive will only be known on March 20, 2023. Currently, the price for the Wuling Air ev Long Range is in the range of IDR 299 million, while the Standard Range type is IDR 243 million. This price has not been reduced by the incentives that will be given by the government this year.

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