Entertainment Salma Hayek: from actress to style icon

Salma Hayek: from actress to style icon

Actress Salma Hayek It has positioned itself in the fashion industry through the years. His outfits on the red carpet from the beginning of his career have set trends to this day. The actress, like all of them, has learned from trial and error, so today we will introduce you to some style lessons that she leaves us Salma Hayek.

Since the beginning of her career in the nineties in Hollywood, the beautiful actress Salma Hayek has shown that an elegant woman with creativity and self-confidence is the key to imposing trend.

  • Large hair bows

Salma Hayek He took the headbands to another level, what better than a tiara to take to a red carpet. The beautiful actress has stood out in Hollywood for being a creative and daring woman when it comes to wearing clothes. The secret is not what you wear but who wears it.

  • V-necklines on either side

When you are confident about yourself and your beauty, the necklines are one more accessory. Salma is not afraid of her curves or necklines. That is why it stands out anywhere you go. The V-neckline takes them elegantly with long dresses and tries to look as clean as possible in its accessories when the neckline is very large.

  • Tattoos are the new jewels

Sometimes wearing accessories is usually very ostentatious for an outfit. Salma Hayek she uses her skin as a canvas and wears butterfly tattoos in an elegant black dress. No one would have imagined it, it is for those kinds of details that the actress has positioned herself as an icon of style.

A two-button sweater and nothing else. This is one of the most iconic outfits on the red carpet left by the actress for fashion history. Returning to the topic of security, Salma in an interview with Vogue admits that at the beginning of her career, no designer wanted to dress her. Her bravery and confidence in style was what made them turn to see her.



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