Salma Hayek transforms into a man and compare it with Luis Miguel

The actress Salma Hayek he has excelled in Hollywood, not only for her talent but for her beauty. The mexican actress to be a woman very active on social networks has decided to become the man for knowing what would be their appearance and the users on social networks, commented that he had a resemblance to Luis Miguel version Diego Boneta.

Salma Hayek has shared through his account of Instagram its transformation into a man by means of the application of FaceApp, which has become very popular during this quarantine, due to the transformations it causes in men and women the opposite, that is impressive.

Therefore, Salma Hayek do not hesitate to share with her more than 15 million followers the result. “What do you think? What would have been handsome to have been a man?” he wrote in the publication, the mexican actress. Causing the reactions and comparisons of the users.

And one of the comparisons most frequently repeated among the comments, it was a thing that had Salma Hayek in your version of man with the singer Luis Miguel and the actor Diego Boneta, who interestingly is the one who plays Luis Miguel in the series of Netflix.

“In the first photo is Diego Boneta in the version of Luis Miguel”, while for others, the actress Salma had a resemblance to the actor Luis Gerardo Méndez of Us the lords, and on the other hand, other supporters ensured it was a mix between Antonio Banderas and Johny Depp.

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Others, however, were inclined to his resemblance to his brother Sami Hayek. There is No doubt that the curiosity of Salma has left you trapped all of his followers to follow his example and experiment with other filters, such as your version with or without a beard, but if there is something we can all agree, is that the actress looks just as attractive in your version of man.

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