Salmonella was detected in the world’s largest chocolate factory Business

A company spokesman told AFP news agency that production at the factory, which makes liquid chocolate for 73 customers, has been suspended.

“All products manufactured after the sample were taken have been blocked from shipment,” company spokesman Korneel Warlop said.

Barry Callebaut is currently contacting all customers who may have received contaminated products. Chocolate production in the city of Vyze will remain suspended until further notice,” he added.

According to him, most of the products that were infected did not leave the factory in time.

However, the company contacted all its customers and asked them not to put any chocolate products on the market from June 25.

Belgium’s food safety agency AFSCA has been notified of the contamination, and its spokesman told AFP that the authority had opened an investigation.

The factory in Vyze does not produce chocolate for direct consumer use, and Barry Callebaut does not yet have reason to believe that contaminated products made by its customers have reached store shelves.

Barry Callebaut supplies cocoa and chocolate products to many companies in the food industry, including industry giants such as Hershey, Mondelez, Nestle and Unilever.

The annual sales of the sector-leading company in the financial year 2020-2021 reached 2.2 million. tons.

In the last financial year, the Zurich-headquartered group earned 384.5 million euros. Swiss francs (402 million US dollars) in net profit and reached 7.2 billion. franc turnover.

The group has more than 13 thousand people, and more than 60 production sites worldwide.

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