Salseo, real estate corruption and the zodiac in Erik Harley’s Pormishuevism

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And parque natural It is an area surrounded by parking lots, hotels, urbanizations, swimming pools and golf courses. A airport It’s an excuse to build roundabouts. A comb It is the act of showing the middle finger or a type of bridge. A ham holder It is also a type of bridge. A in a millionaire He is the one who has many millions. He proprietary they are the parents. These are a few technicalities that the artist Erik Harley (1993) has included in the glossary of terms in his new book: Pormishuevism. an artistic movement (Blackie Books).

Harley looks like a local, but he’s Spanish. He lives in Valencia, is an expert in Urban Studies and a graduate in Fine Arts. He declares himself a fan of roundabouts, he has a route of cool buildings along Beniyork (the mix between Benidorm and New York) and his favorite architect, he says ironically, is Santiago Calatrava. Although he calls him Santi, just like he does with Jose Mari (Ruiz Mateos) or all the protagonists of his book. “When I talk about an important businessman I always call him by his first name so that when you’re reading them, it doesn’t feel like he’s on a pedestal, but rather that he’s a human like you and can make mistakes,” explains Harley.

The creator of pormishuevism is also known as the helmet guy because it is a influencer who has triumphed on social networks by telling the most recognized stories in the world. boom of the brick. He has accumulated around 374,000 followers on Instagram interested in knowing the history of urban planning in Spain, especially because of how he tells it: adding a lot of drama, irony, diminutives and salsa. But if you want to search for it on Instagram, you will find it by ‘Preferiria.periferia’, which is its nicknameand refers to “the coolest part of our cities.” Pormishuevism. an artistic movement It is the first essay in his trilogy that revolves around the term. The guide follows Pormishuevism. Routes through brick Spain (Anaya) and From pitch to pitch (Penguin Random Comics). But what the Ismo Don’t hold back: “I think the good thing about the book is that we can talk about economics, politics and architecture without anyone getting overwhelmed,” says the author.

The creation of the concept occurred to him in 2019 while watching the film golden eggs (1993) by Bigas Luna. With this term he explains the most notorious cases of urban waste: “It seems to me that it is a very testosterone y toxicwhich is illustrative to explain very bad things, actually,” he reflects over a video call. “There was a way of doing things: the councilor on duty was beyond his control to entrust the roundabout to his cousin, and many things worked like that.”

Both in his books and in his videos, the horoscope is essential information: “When I talk to people and I tell you that Calatrava is Leo, you understand many things and they say: ‘Oh, of course, that’s why she wants to shine like my cousin Gertrudis, who has the same sign.'” Her works are written in an informative way, to reach all audiences – but more so to her generation – and so that people can appropriate the text: “I always say in a joking way that the sign of the zodiac allows you to know what the faculties and shortcomings of each person are. It helps me a lot to put it to make a caricature of the character and I find it funny,” says the author.

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