#SalvenABenito, the campaign of a group of activists to rescue a giraffe from the sun, snow and hail in Mexico

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Benitoa 3-year-old male giraffe came to Juarez City a month ago and the weather is already beginning to be a problem for her to adapt to her new and lonely home, and that for now she has only had to endure the scorching heat of summer.

The snow and low winter temperatures are still missing, and animal advocates have launched a campaign under the hashtag “#SaveABenito” for the animal to be transferred to another more habitable place.

In recent days, the 3-year-old male giraffe could be seen crouching under a small circular awning that gave it shade, in which only its head fits. The structure did little to protect it from torrential rain and a subsequent hail storm.

There is also a small shed for the winter, but the activists pointed out that it is cruel that the Parque Centralrun by the city, keep the giraffe in a small fenced-in enclosure, alone, with just over half an acre to roam and few trees to nibble on, in a climate she’s not used to.

“We have been fighting for a month. A group of animalists demanding that it be taken to a sanctuary, to a zoo, where there are at least the facilities and qualified personnel indicated for the care of an animal of this type,” he commented. Ana Felix, defender of animal rights from Ciudad Juárez. “Here we are in the desert and the weather is extreme, both in winter and in summer.”

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