Salvini and Le Pen stage their union in Italy before the European elections

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The leader of the Italian far-right League party and current vice president of the Government, Matteo Salviniand her ideological colleague Marine Le Pen, head of the French National Group, staged their union this Sunday in view of the next European elections during the national convention held by the Italian group.

“You in Italy and we in France We are united in the same fight, the fight for freedom, for the homeland“I know how much you value your freedoms,” said the French politician from the box in Pontida, a small town in Lombardy that annually hosts the main meeting of the far-right led by Salvini.

The union of both politicians served to stage his determined support for a coalition between right-wing formations in view of the European elections of 2024, despite the reluctance of the popular Europeans to agree with the most extremist formations.

For this reason, after the event, Matteo Salvini’s own League assured that both leaders They are considering organizing a “major international event” at the end of the year that brings together all their allies. in Europe, whom they consider “alternatives to the left”, and the starting signal for the elections.

“Our destiny is victory in Italy and in the European Union. We are destined to win,” said the Italian.

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