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Sama and her daughter ... the beauty of both at the same time!(facebook) Tina Wilson

The jury of an international competition in South Dakota admitted that a mother and daughter shared the Miss Award, according to Fox News on Friday.

The mother-in-law, mother Tina Wilson, or four children, came with her youngest daughter, Morgan, to participate in the competition for four years. The 54-year-old woman decided to get on the podium and win the title of Lady of South Dakota.

In the same context, the 19-year-old daughter, Morgan, was named Miss South Dakota,

"The most amazing thing today is to look at my mother, she's cute today, happy and confident," he told reporters. "My father (aged 49, retired army officer) was more than me and for moral support during and before the competition."

During the prize, Tina was unable to control her emotions and admitted that she did not expect to become a beauty queen because she weighed 136 kg after she finished school and was very worried. "Food was a devil for me," he said. I do not drink alcohol and I do not smoke, but the food was tempting, especially American fast food like pizza, desserts and McDonald's.

The Miss South Dakota contest allows girls and women between the ages of 4 and 56 to attend a special interview with a group of five governors.



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