Sama II: Aselo, Serge Nkonde, Modero, Jean-Jacques Mbungani among the expelled ministers

By Simeon Isako

The Sama Lukonde 2 government was published the night of Thursday to this Friday, March 24.
Several figures have been discarded and new ones have entered. Daniel Aselo who was deputy prime minister of the interior, Serge Nkonde of sports, Jean-Jacques Mbungani of health, Gisèle Ndaya of gender, Modero Nsimba of tourism have left the government.

Amato Bahibazire, who was deputy minister of justice, landed from the Warriors team.

Close to Pius Muabilu, the reappointed minister of town planning and habitat, the former deputy foreign minister Samuel Adubango has been replaced by Crispin Mbadu. The latter was previously Deputy Minister of Planning.

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