Sama Lukonde’s government changes composition (CongoForum)

KINSHASA – Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde’s government has just been reshuffled. 16 women are part of this new government. In addition, Vital Kamerhe (UNC) and Jean-Pierre Bemba (MLC) are back.

Here is the new composition:

Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the Interior: KAZADI KANKONDE Peter;

Deputy Prime Minister in charge of National Defense: BEMBA GOMBO Jean Pierre;

Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the National Economy: Kamerhe Vital

Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the Civil Service: LIHAU EBUA Jean-Pierre

Ministers of State

Environment and Nature Conservation: Bazaiba Masudi Eve;

Justice and Keeper of the Seals: Mutumbo Kiesse Rose

Infrastructure and Public Works: Gizaro Alexis

Regional Integration: Mbusa Nyamuisi;

Budget: Boji Sangara Aimé;

Portfolio: Kayinda Adele;

Plan: LUKA SUMINA Judith;

Residence: Pius Mwabilu

Rural Development: François Rubota


Finance: Nicolas Kazadi

Health: Samuel Kamba Mulamba Roger

Agriculture : Jose Mpanda

EPST: Tony Mwaba

Transports: Clay Marc

Fishing and Breeding: Bokele Adrien

Industry: Julien Paluku

Employment and Social Welfare: Ndusi Kembe

Entrepreneurship: NZINGA Désiré

ESU: Muhindo Nzangi

Scientific Research: Kabanda Gilbert

Mines: Nsamba Kalambayi

Hydrocarbons: Budimbu Didier

PTNTIC: It puts them in feathers

Numerical: Eberande CONTROL

Land affairs: Molendo Sakombi

Foreign Trade: Jean Lucien Bussa

Human Rights: Fabrice Puela

Tourism: Didier Manzenga

Communication and media: Patrick Muyaya

Social Affairs: Modeste Mutinga

Professional Training: KIPULU Bernadette;

Youth and Initiation to New Citizenship: BUNKULU Z.

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Image – source: presidential press

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