Samahara Lobatón gets emotional with Youna’s romantic surprise on her birthday: “You are an excellent mom”

Samahara Lobatón turns 20 this Saturday, November 20 and celebrated it in advance at On everyone’s lips. The influence was moved to tears by being surprised by her daughter Xianna and his ex-partner Youna, who arrived with a bouquet of roses.

Samahara is an excellent mom, she has proven it the 365 days that Xianna has been with us. She is a very diligent mother, thanks to her we have strict routines with Xianna. Thank you for all the work you do every day, you deserve to celebrate your birthday, “he said. Jonathan Horna, Youn’s real namea, who moved Samahara Lobatón Klug.


“Beyond what can happen between us, as dad we have focused on giving the best to our daughter, which is what we are doing to this day. I have dedicated myself to giving every minute of my life to her, so that she grows up knowing that she is loved by her two parents, “said the married Melissa Klug.


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