Samir Othman to Jihad Greisha after his mistake in front of Zamalek: Love yourself more than any group

Refereeing expert Samir Mahmoud Othman revealed his opinion in the event that Tariq Hamed, the Zamalek player, was dismissed by the match referee, Jihad Greisha, during the last Pyramids meeting in the league championship.

The Zamalek team tied positively against Pyramids with a goal for each of them in the match that brought them together at Cairo Stadium in the framework of the 19th round of the General League.

Samir Othman spoke on the “Ontime Sports” channel: “ A ZD ball is not useful, but this jihad remains a mistake. “

He added, “This is a mistake and includes a disciplinary punishment less. A warning is needed otherwise. You are a mistake. This is not a big judgment decision. Love yourself more than any group on the idea.”

It is noteworthy that Yasser Abdel Raouf, the arbitration expert for the Zamalek channel, also confirmed that the penalty kick that was counted by Jihad Greisha for Zamalek in front of Pyramids is incorrect..

With this result, Zamalek raised its tally to point 41, taking first place from 19 games, while Pyramids raised its tally to point 31, taking third place.


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