Samsung corrects the problems of its folding smartphone


Samsung is not abandoning the Galaxy Fold and is doing everything possible to correct the problems that delayed the launch of the device and triggered a controversy over its reliability.

The first problem is the protective layer of the screen, which resembles a temporary protective film. Users therefore think that it should be removed when it is not, which damages the device. Samsung will extend this layer to fit it inside the case, preventing it from being removed.

Too much space on the hinge

Thus, the hinge has tiny spaces where dust particles can adapt, which can bring them under the screen and cause problems. Samsung has reduced the space between the top and bottom of the Galaxy Fold hinge. Finally, Samsung is testing the compatibility of its smartphone with the mobile networks of three Korean operators, according to the YNA website.

The Galaxy Fold could be on sale in June and DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung Electronics, has promised that the date will be announced quickly.

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