Samsung Electronics Baltics reaches a new turnover record of 350 million euros; profits are shrinking

Electronic Goods Importer and Trader Ltd. “Samsung Electronics Baltics“last year it increased its turnover by 12%, reaching 350.05 million euros, according to the information published in the Lursoft Customer Portfolio.

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The company’s profit in the reporting year was 7.37 million euros.

BE “Samsung Electronics Baltics’ three main areas of activity are wholesale of consumer electronics, IT and mobile devices.

As indicated in the submitted management report, 2019 was significant in the mobile device segment, which is quite saturated and with fierce competition. The company’s revenue in this segment has grown for the third year in a row, reaching the highest sales results so far in the main or flagship series – “Galaxy S” and “Galaxy Note”.

The two main business goals of Samsung Electronics Baltics Ltd. in 2020 are to maintain market share in all product segments and increase sales, including by improving customers’ online shopping experience.

Lursoft data show that Samsung Electronics Baltics provided 59 employees with jobs last year.

SIA “Samsung Electronics Baltics” was founded in 2007. The company has a share capital of EUR 3,702,846 and is wholly owned by Samsung Electronics Benelux BV, a company incorporated in the Netherlands.

The company’s net turnover in 2018 was EUR 312.087 million and profit was EUR 7.549 million.

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