Samsung Galaxy F will be focused for people over 40 – PoderPDA


They will be a limited and expensive edition.

Although Samsung is one of the most important producers in the world, its sales have declined this year with the presence of Chinese companies such as Huawei. Even so, the company has plans for 2019 and the one that intrigues us the most is related to flexible phone.

A new report from the South Korean site The bell, mention that for the Galaxy F (name of the company's flexible phones) only one million units will be produced. The device will be a product of limited edition with which Samsung hopes to reposition itself as a leader in innovation. Also, with the Galaxy F they try to give the company a much more premium image.

According to the report, the main focus for flexible phones will be customers over 40, and this may be because they have more purchasing power, which younger consumers do not always have.

With information on PhoneArena.



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