Samsung Galaxy S10 tested for its durability

MOSCOW, March 15 – RIA News. SquareTrade, which specializes in providing extended warranty services for home appliances and electronics, has conducted numerous tests on three Samsung smartphones from the flagship Galaxy S10 line. The corresponding video is published on YouTube.

Three devices were launched from a height of six feet (182.88 centimeters) on a solid road surface front and rear of the case. They all crashed when they fell back and onto the screen. The younger Galaxy S10e, covered by a Gorilla Glass 5 protective glass, proved to be less robust and, after the fall, the gadget's screen stopped working.

Of all three devices in the new ruler, the usual Galaxy S10 with protective glass Gorilla Glass 6 proved to be more durable and the novelty remained operational even with the cracks on the front and rear panels.

Previously, SquareTrade experts have conducted numerous tests on the iPhone XS b XS Max.

It has been discovered that smartphones do not have sufficient strength.

In one of the tests, both phones fell from a height of 182 centimeters to the front and back covers. In the first case, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max suffered serious damage. When it fell on the front panel, the Xs glass broke almost completely, while the Xs Max broke it. As a result, experts said the smartphone "is very vulnerable to shocks, especially falls".

The Samsung introduced the latest Galaxy S10, S10 +, S10e, S10 5G and Galaxy Fold smartphones on February 20th. In Russia, the series appeared on sale on March 8th.

According to the creators, the Galaxy S10 is a new generation of smartphones, different from all the previous ones. The phones received "revolutionary displays": the developers claim to have made the screen more vivid and at the same time comfortable for the eyes and incorporated into it the most recent function of the ultrasonic sensor to take the owner's fingerprint.



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