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If the legendary founder of Apple Steve Jobs still presented a particularly important device, then
He waited so happy until the end of his presentations. He then said this
three words that have become a real mold in Techszene today: what should sound terse, has always been the announcement of a
great change. A marketing trick that worked every time.

set Samsung at another strategy, maybe it was his
In addition, South Korean rival Apple announced its next appointment on Wednesday evening at the very beginning. Samsung unpackedThe events in San Francisco and London started with the most innovative device of the evening: a fold
Smartphone, the Galaxy Fold

(or just because) Samsung arrived so bluntly with the new device, he succeeded
Company a real surprise. For years it has always been from
he said a phone with a flexible display, more recently on the
Developer conference in November 2018. The presentation of the product, however, has always been
again coming soon. They seemed only a few connoisseurs of the scene
have seriously anticipated the new device, probably because the
Preliminary coverage mainly on the tenth generation of the Galaxy S series

More clamshell tablet

This was also because no one could still imagine it
something new could happen on the smartphone market. In the meantime, the
Most smart phones, at least externally, are quite interchangeable. one
maybe it still has a Home button, yet another called Tacca display.
In the case, however, the producers were still competing for the bigger one
Memory, the most powerful battery, the highest resolution display, the best camera. In principle
but all the best smartphones were like each other.

Now foldable. Samsung dares like this before
great producer for true innovation. Of course, the shell phones gave
already Even in the years zero. However, at the time they had a small one
Screen, always a tactile keyboard and it was quite compact. Some of these
The phones may have integrated a browser considered horrible
Prices and with much patience have come to the Internet. With these first folding devices
Galaxy Fold has little in common.

In this way, he does not pay homage to the past, but wants, as he says, "to unfold the future". The galaxy
Fold looks like two stacked phones that measure the screens
every 4.6 inches in the diagonal. If you open the fold, the screen reaches with 7.3 inches almost the size of the tablet.

The folding display is made possible by a newly developed polymer layer, made of a material that is also used in rockets or used as heat protection. In addition, the screen according to Samsung is also 50% flatter than conventional. Once opened, the Galaxy Fold creates a uniform screen surface, with no bends or disruptive lines between the individual displays.



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