Samsung is talking about a new generation of DDR6 and GDDR7 memory

South Korean tech giant Samsung has unveiled some interesting information about its upcoming memory at Samsung Tech Day 2021. Sorry, there are no photos or slideshows from this event, as Samsung does not allow it. The good thing is that the Germans “ComputerBase” made a great brief.

Associative photo.

DDR5 memory is only now being released to the masses, and Samsung is already talking about the DDR6 standard. The final specifications for the DDR6 standard have not yet been approved, but the DDR6-12800 is expected to be the base memory speed. DDR6 memory is expected to be upgraded to DDR6-17000, of course, this is only a preliminary prediction. DDR6 memory will have four channels in one module, twice as much as DDR5 memory.

Samsung is talking about a new generation of DDR6 and GDDR7 memory

Video cards will also have faster memory in the future. In the near future, video cards will get GDDR6 + memory, which will reach 24 Gbps data bandwidth. For comparison, GDDR6 memory has up to 18 Gbps data bandwidth. Sorry, the specific release date of GDDR6 + is not disclosed.

In the very future, there will be a GDDR7 memory standard even with 32 Gbps data bandwidth. This memory will still have real-time error correction.

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