Samsung is to equip Tesla’s Cybertruck with camera technology

According to media reports, Tesla has apparently placed an order worth half a billion US dollars with the tech group Samsung. It’s about technology for the planned cybertrucks.

Two really big guys are working together: Future drivers of Tesla’s cybertrucks should see the world behind them thanks to rear-view mirror technology from Samsung. The two corporations from the USA and South Korea had made a corresponding contractual agreement, reports the online magazine “The Korea Economic Daily”.

This would mean that Samsung would supply the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles in the USA with its camera modules. These would be used in the Cybertruck, which Tesla boss Elon Musk had already presented as a prototype in November 2019. The peculiarity was already noticed back then: the Cybertruck had no classic rear-view mirrors, but a series of cameras whose images were to be shown on the dashboard display. Until now it was unclear whether this technology would also make it into series production from the prototype. The deal between Samsung and Tesla suggests it might actually be the case.

Samsung consolidates position in electromobility

For Samsung, the agreement with Tesla is a further step in maintaining an important role in the booming electric mobility business. The Koreans have been supplying Tesla for several years, including batteries. There are also rumors that Samsung’s newly developed LED headlights – so-called PixCells – used by Tesla for its future car models.

It is still unclear whether and when Tesla’s Cybertruck will go into production and then be sold. It was last called, an all-wheel drive model of the electrically powered pick-up could be launched this year 2021. The rear-wheel drive model will follow in the following year.

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