Designed for those who enjoy a healthy life and fitness, Or, for those who want to start being part of it, Samsung introduces three new devices ideal for them. The Galaxy Watch Active2, the Galaxy Fit and the Galaxy Buds + seamlessly integrate with the Galaxy device ecosystem to help the user combine technology and health, as well as achieve your physical goals. Each computer features innovative features and functions that are tailored to the needs of each user.

One of the resources most valued by users is the application of Health & Wellness Samsung Health, which is integrated into both the Watch Active2 as in the Fit, offering multiple benefits as programs and monitoring of activities for Galaxy users; as well as, it allows to automatically record up to seven activities so that the user has control and monitoring of their training. In addition, it is possible to select and customize ten activities from more than 90 exercises for all levels and possibilities and save your favorite activities. On the other hand, it includes an automatic sleep monitoring, where it analyzes sleep patterns in its four stages and provides detailed reports of each user’s rest.

For those who prefer to use the devices to relax and clear their mind, Samsung Health offers, through integration with Calm, guided meditation classes with options of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 minutes in length; and relaxing music and breathing programs to manage stress. At the same time, el Watch Active2, through the app, automatically detects how long the person has been still and suggests different types of elongation, like turning the trunk and performing movements for the back, arms and legs.

Galaxy Watch Active2: fitness and elegance on your wrist

He Galaxy Watch Active2 presents an intuitive and refined design, providing more personalization to consumers’ lifestyles, improving their health and well-being, as well as enabling a seamlessly connected life. The Samsung smartwatch comes with an enlarged display with a touch bezel, 7 exercise monitoring and a powerful long-lasting battery that allows it to be quickly charged wirelessly.

As if you had a fitness trainer on your wrist, Samsung’s Watch Active2 has multiple benefits for the user ranging from training programs to monitoring the sleep and heart rate, making health monitoring allow the user to keep track of their heart rate and receive an alert from the watch when normal levels rise or fall. In addition, it features a stress detector when the user feels tense to monitor stress levels and offers breathing exercises to return to a relaxed state.

Galaxy Fit: ultralight and compact so you don’t miss a beat

The smart watch Samsung Galaxy Fit has a screen of 0.95” Full Color AMOLED, which allows the user to easily consult their statistics and fitness data in High resolution instantly at the turn of your wrist.

In addition, it is designed with ultralight materials that are resistant to dust and water, making it the ideal watch for those who maintain an active life. With a long battery life, the Galaxy Fit is characterized by having enough autonomy to accompany the user in all your workouts to achieve physical goals.

The Galaxy Fit records the heart rate at all times, and sends an alert if it exceeds a predetermined level while the user is at rest. On the other hand, the Galaxy Fit keeps the user informed and allows them to instantly reply to messages with predetermined responses. You can sync it with your phone’s “Do Not Disturb” settings to avoid interruptions.

Musicalize every moment of the day with the Galaxy Buds +

Based on the exceptional wireless sound experience, the new Galaxy Buds + They are designed to provide the clearest and most powerful listening experience.

For those who need their wireless headphones for phone calls and video conferences, The Galaxy Buds + offer calls with 2-way speakers that easily distinguishes all sounds thanks to the AKG technology. In addition, they include an adaptive 3-microphone system for clear calls, ensuring that the sound is concentrated on the user’s voice, minimizing background noise.

The Buds + have a battery capacity of up to 11 hours of uninterrupted listening on a single charge and can be extended up to 22 hours in total with the charging case or with any Qi-compatible wireless charger.

Also, for those who enjoy listening to their favorite band at every moment of the day, The Galaxy Buds + make it easy to access the audio streaming platform by providing direct access to Spotify. To activate the application, you must configure the Touchpad resource and keep the hearing aid pressed to, with a simple gesture, start playing the user’s favorite music tracks, with automatic pairing.

Source: Samsung

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