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Samsung’s QN85A is a Neo QLED TV; that means it is an LCD TV with a quantum dot layer for a wider color range. It is equipped with a mini LED backlight, which improves the contrast of the IPS LCD panel. It runs on Tizen and comes with a remote control that can charge itself with solar cells. The TV has good viewing angles, an anti-reflection layer and a low input lag. Unfortunately, the device does not support Dolby Vision; the most popular HDR format, with metadata, at the moment. It also does not reproduce Dolby Atmos and DTS sound.

Televisions with an OLED panel offer beautiful image quality, but also have a few clear drawbacks. Samsung produces a lot of OLED panels, but only in small sizes for phones, tablets and laptops. For televisions, Samsung offers an alternative in the form of the QLED models, which can deliver a higher brightness than OLED televisions. These are LCD televisions that use quantum dots and, in the case of the Neo QLED series, a mini LED backlight.

In this review we look at the 55″ version of the Samsung Neo QLED QN85A, a slightly cheaper variant of the one we used earlier discussed QN95A. The QN85A features a 4k screen with an anti-reflective filter. According to Samsung, the mini LED backlight enables a brightness of up to 1500cd/m², so that a good (HDR) image is possible in a lot of ambient light. This model is also interesting for gamers, because 4k images can be displayed with a maximum of 120 fps. In addition, there is support for variable frame rates and, with black bars at the top and bottom, you can display the image in 21:9 and 32:9 aspect ratios.

According to Samsung, the sound of the 60W speaker system is adapted to the position of objects in the picture. The speakers in the TV can also work together with a Q-Symphony soundbar from Samsung. The smart TV part runs on Samsung’s own Tizen operating system and with this you can display the image from your phone next to the television image.

Samsung offers its customers a streaming service: TV Plus. Being on this 38 channels with free content to watch. The 55″ version we tested is for sale at the time of writing from around 1000 euros. In addition, there are larger sizes of 65, 75 and 85 inches. At the time of writing, these cost 1350, 2750 and 4450 euros respectively. muster.

The 55″ version of the QN85A is therefore about 375 euros cheaper than the QN95A with the same image size. To make that lower price possible, the QN85A sacrifices slightly in brightness, the speaker system is less extensive and the TV lacks the external One Connect Box, which the QN95A does have.

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