Samsung stops manufacturing the Galaxy S20 FE 4G with Exynos technology and switches to Snapdragon

Samsung launched its own ‘flagship killer’ device last year, the Galaxy S20 FE, with two SoCs: the in-house developed Exynos 990 for the 4G version and the Snapdragon 865 for the 5G model.

We’ve recently seen a Galaxy S20 FE 4G with the Snapdragon chip hit the benchmarks, and now a generally trustworthy leaker says it’s basically the future. As in, Samsung will stop manufacturing the Galaxy S20 FE 4G with Exynos technology and will use the Snapdragon “865+” for that model.

Sería un 180 interesante, pero mucha gente ciertamente feelá justificada por esta decisión, dado el rendimiento, the duración de la batería y el delta de calidad de la cámara between los dos conjuntos of chips. Last year there was quite a big and nasty controversy over the matter, especially when it came to the non-FE S20 line, where you couldn’t get both chip options because Samsung decided regionally which one. usar.

At least with the FE, if you wanted the Snapdragon variant, you got the 5G version and you were good to go. It turns out that soon you won’t even have to, because all Galaxy S20 FE units will have a Snapdragon at their core. That is, of course, if this rumor spreads, which we don’t know yet, then don’t forget your two cents for this one.

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